The topic that I am going to explore is eSports/competitive gaming. I think this is a good topic because it is fairly new for the past 20 years just like social media. The social medias I want to check out are Reddit and Twitter. I use both of these platforms a lot so it should be interesting. When looking at eSports on Twitter it looks like there is a bunch of profiles that are teams or organizations that play games competitively and sometimes the company that runs the game will have a profile too. The teams will share updates on the teams, memes, retweet posts by their organizations and players on the teams as well. In terms of Reddit, eSports is more set into subcategories or subreddits. If you want to find specific information on an eSport for a specific game that will usually tie into the game’s subreddit. Though r/eSports is still a subreddit for more general eSports information. Some subreddits do branch off like Overwatch. There is an r/Overwatch that is more for memes and posts about the game while r/CompetitiveOverwatch has eSports information on the subreddit. I think that each social media has affordances that change how the users interact with the sites and the specific category. If somebody finds an eSports team, they like they will look at the post-game discussions on Reddit and interact with them. Rather on Twitter, the same user could follow the players on the team and the organization to stay connected.