When it comes to how the use of technology has changed over the years one of the terms that was mentioned in the reading was crowdsourcing. I initially thought that crowdsourcing was just used for organizations and other groups to get stuff. I now realize it can be used in more diverse ways than just to obtain stuff. It can be used to push peoples’ agendas like taking a post on Facebook down because enough people report it. This kind of crowdsourcing is more interesting because it relies on the platform and not just the individual. There could be a crowdsourced movement to remove something, but it is the platform that decides if it should be taken down or not. One way of crowdsourcing that I have seen was been the r/wallstreetbets Reddit page where there is a huge following of the GME stocks, and it has manipulated the stock market because of the number of stocks being purchased.

I would like to explore Virtual Machines and explore their popularity, functions, and usability. I am not sure how many students use VMs, but I am not one of them. I think I tried to use a VM once, but I do not remember why I was using it and I did not use it very long. I know that people have used parallels on their MACs to run Windows, but I think running a bootcamp is better for that kind of thing. I might talk about how different operating systems and if a VM could improve them or not.